Comfort and style evolved.

The result of hundreds of iterations, the Truman razor handle is enhanced by a precision-made texture developed using bespoke design and collaboration tools.

Harry’s, Inc.

Services Provided:

  • Product Design & Development

  • Software Development


Algorithms can embody a brand’s DNA.

Harry’s design ethos and existing manufacturing knowledge was encoded in the algorithms used to develop the Winston razor. By adapting this product line’s texture profile, we could accommodate the specific visual and functional requirements of the Truman handle.

Truman and Winston.png


Adapt existing algorithms to tune precision textures.

Adapting advanced design and manufacturing tools developed for the Winston razor, we developed custom algorithms to create, iterate, and fine-tune a functional a rubberized handle with a textured pattern that provides optimal control.

Texture Detail_01.png
Texture Detail_02.png




The essence of Harry's is elevated to new levels of visual and functional possibilities, as the new grip texture transforms an existing product line.

Our work with Harry’s contributed to their growth of 5 million customers in North America, 70% year-over growth, and a $56 million market share.

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