our TEAM

Our cross-functional teams transcend disciplines, blurring the boundary between the art and science of design.


Computational Designers

The creative driving force behind the conceptualization and development of disruptive technology, tools, and design methods. 


  • Experiment on the edges of disruptive technology for future-oriented product applications
  • Develop computational systems to enhance design capability
  • Implement digital, data-centric, and physical design methodologies, tools, and techniques



Lead discovery initiatives to uncover, understand, and plan ways of working for organizational change and process innovation.


  • Identify and develop strategic frameworks for design and research
  • Identify customer needs and opportunities to create organizational impact
  • Process industry landscaping and identify gaps in existing workflows and processes

Software Engineers

Build beautiful, functional software applications to support design, research, and technology initiatives in creative ways.


  • Develop strategic initiatives that bridge the gap between design and development
  • Develop and implement tailor-made software for end-to-end product development
  • Design and realize captivating user experiences


Define and shape research tools and methods in the pursuit of novel ways of working and making.


  • Synthesize research observations and insights into meaningful opportunities 
  • Research new and emerging technologies and their potential applications to computational design
  • Question, explore, and test the opportunities afforded by disruptive technology for products, services, and experiences

We're looking for passionate, curious, and creative individuals to join our team.