Leading the next era of design means rethinking everything from process to product.


Holistic Design Transformation


Strategy & Adoption

We are a collaborative partner to teams seeking transformation and growth. From strategic frameworks to innovation pilots and advanced research programs, we support teams as they develop the mindsets, skills, and frameworks that unlock new levels of performance and drive market differentiation.

Design & Technology

We concept, create, and deliver best-in-class products and services. Beyond custom tools and technology, we engineer complex design workflows and develop innovative products and product features that uniquely benefit from advanced design and manufacturing capabilities.

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As a full-service partner, we use computation to address every aspect of product development ā€” from early concepts and prototypes to design engineering for advanced manufacturing.


Technology Strategy

Essential guidance and roadmaps to implement and drive the adoption of computational tools and processes.

Product Design & Development

Agile product development that rapidly iterates innovative solutions through quick prototypes and tight feedback loops.

Software Development

Custom scripts, automation tools, and software customization for Rhino/Grasshopper, Dynamo, and Fusion 360.


Advanced Research Programs

Insights and strategy into the future state of your industry through product-driven experimentation and forecasting.

Bespoke Training

Immersive experiences that provide teams with the opportunity to learn new technologies while focusing on real-world product applications.


Hands-on, fast-paced training delivered online by industry-leading experts in computational design and advanced manufacturing.


We are equal parts design studio, software development firm, and consultancy. Our approach brings together the best elements of each to deliver exceptional value.



We research and develop new ways of working through tangible product applications and case studies. Our advanced design and manufacturing expertise provides a foundation for next-gen product development, enabling teams to create more and better ideas in less time and with lower costs.

  • Design Prototypes & Viable Concepts

  • Computational Systems Research

  • Workflow Design & Engineering



We build digital tools to enhance the CAD, CAE, and CAM software our team relies on everyday. Our in-house tools and technology provide an ecosystem of reusable components, empowering designers and engineers to manage complexity without accumulating unnecessary technical and workflow debt.

  • Scripts & Workflow Automation

  • Specialized Plug-Ins & Extensions

  • Cross-Platform Applications



We continuously examine emerging technologies and their impact on next-gen products and manufacturing. Our discoveries and insights serve as a catalyst for innovation, helping our customers be more responsive and bring game-changing products to market faster.

  • Market Analysis & Industry Insights

  • Strategic Foresight & Trends

  • Emerging Technology Assessment