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Collaborating with algorithms to create more time for design.

Combining computational design with Alias modeling tools, we partnered with Autodesk to unlock new potentials for industrial design teams.

Autodesk, Inc.

Services Provided:

  • Technology Strategy

  • Software Development

  • Bespoke Training


Tools of the trade are becoming the trade.

Designers need to quickly iterate patterns, textures, and form studies for increasingly complex products. Traditional CAD tools require the manual creation of each pattern element, and due to this labor-intensive and repetitive process, end up defining what is creatively possible.

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Redefining an industry standard.

Dynamo allows designers and modelers to work with native geometry in a visual scripting environment integrated with Alias. This new capability enables the exploration of multiple design solutions and automation of repetitive tasks using modular, reconfigurable templates.


Combine human intuition with computational tools to create more and higher-quality concepts in less time.

By blending modeling with visual scripting capabilities, computational design in Alias-Dynamo can be used to offload repetitive processes, affording designers and modelers more time for creative activities, accelerated design cycles, and improved design quality.

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Computational design has unlocked a fundamentally new potential of Alias as a design software, allowing designers to iterate and automate complex geometry.

Our work with Autodesk has supported design studios in the advancement of process and product alike. Introducing computational design into existing workflows can reduce modeling time by up to 75%, enabling teams to spend more time focused on design and less time on revisions.

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Looking to elevate your team’s design capabilities?